Rhodes is a wonderful choice for activity based holidays. Why not take a few days out to enjoy some horse riding – a collection of sun-kissed mountains and trails surrounded by clear blue sea. Here in Rhodes there is still unlimited space to ride horses in the peace and beauty of nature.

Ride in a land dotted with olive groves and ancient sites, way up into the rough mountains with breathtaking views. There are several Horse Riding clubs around Rhodes.

Fivos Horse Riding

Elpida Ranch

Kadmos Horse Riding Club

Having visited Kadmos ourselves we can highly recommend it. A local friend in Kalavarda suggested we visit, It's about a 30-40 minute drive from the house around the coast road and then up through a few pretty villages. It’s a lovely club and you are more than welcome to pitch up pretty much any time of the day and go see the horses. They won’t let you ride in the heat of the day, however if you go late on in the day / early evening small children are allowed to ride one of the small horses around the ring. Our daughters aged 5 & 8 at the time, loved it and all the club asked for was a donation towards looking after the horses.

If you are thinking of enjoying some horse riding during your stay on Rhodes, please contact the centres direct. It is advisable you book in advance to make sure you make the most of your trip.

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